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You are your own best health advocate. But to get and stay healthy, it helps to have some guidance. That’s why we offer My Health Manager, powered by WebMD.
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My Health Manager

My Health Manager is your personalized health guide. You can customize it to include news feeds, articles and reminders, plus take advantage of an online health record that gives you and your family the ability to store, manage and maintain health information in a centralized location.

My Health Manager also features these powerful tools:
  • NJWELL reward page: View NJWELL reward opportunities and track your activity toward earning Visa® Prepaid Card(s).
  • WebMD's Symptom Checker: Answer a few simple questions and get information on potential causes and treatments to discuss with your physician.
  • Hospital Quality Comparison Tool: Review diagnosis and procedure specific quality rankings of hospitals.
  • Treatment Cost Estimator: Determine the approximate cost of treatment for specific illnesses and disorders, based on your geographical region, age and gender.
  • Health Assessment Tool: Take an assessment that covers your current health conditions, family health history, vital statistics, lifestyle and life events, among other factors.
  • Condition Centers: Tap into enhanced risk identification and management tools for conditions ranging from allergies and asthma to depression and diabetes.
  • And much more: From health measurement trackers to tailored health improvement programs, we provide all the tools you need.
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