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How to Read Your ID Card

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In March 2012, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey began printing NJ DIRECT ID cards in a two-sided format. The new cards are slightly thicker than the previously distributed four-sided card and the new, uniform look across all Horizon BCBSNJ ID cards will enable both members and health care professionals to locate the information they need quickly. The ID card changes do not impact your plan or your benefits.
Horizon BCBSNJ plans to eventually migrate all NJ DIRECT members to two-sided cards. Currently, new members and those who request replacement or duplicate ID cards will receive the new format. Until a replacement card is sent to you, your existing four-sided card is still valid, so continue to use it.

Need a replacement or duplicate card?
For more information, please call Member Services at 1-800-414-SHBP (7427). The format for Horizon HMO cards is similar.

If you need to replace your member ID card or just need another one for a covered family member, simply sign in at and select ID Cards.

Sample ID Cards
The cards below are for educational purposes only.

Horizon NJ DIRECT ID Card


NJ Direct Card Front

  1. Member name.
  2. ID number.
  3. Coverage verification data for professionals.
  4. The name of your plan.
  5. Your employer name/logo.
  6. Copayment information. This information will vary based on your plan.
  7. PPO in a suitcase logo indicates BlueCard PPO coverage.


NJ Direct Card Back

       8.   Horizon BCBSNJ logo.

       9.   Claim filing information. This information will vary based on your plan.
      10.  Your employer microsite address, where you can access Member Online Services.
      11.  Customer Service contact numbers. This information will also vary based on your plan.

Horizon OMNIA ID Card


OMNIA Card Front



OMNIA Card Back

  1. Health Plan Name
  2. Member ID number
  3. Coverage verification
  4. Tier 1 payment information (lowest cost)
  5. Tier 2 payment information (higher cost).
  6. PPO-in-a-suitcase logo indicates BlueCard PPO coverage.